Strategic Professional Relationships

BrittonTuma Utilizes Innovative Professional Relationships to Provide Our Clients With the Best Representation Available in the Most Efficient Manner Possible

We purposefully designed BrittonTuma to be very lean, agile, and efficient. In doing this, we understood that there would be times when the appropriate strategy would require something different and we planned ahead to handle those situations. It may be the need to ramp up very quickly and have maximum bench strength to meet certain demands in litigation or to get a deal closed by an important deadline. Or, perhaps what our clients need could be handled more effectively and efficiently by another attorney because those services are not within the areas of our greatest strength. We are not so arrogant as to believe that we can do everything ourselves or be the best at everything.

Because of this understanding of the inherent limitations of our firm’s structure, we developed a strategy based on the new model being used by the United States military by utilizing strategic relationships with other professionals during these situations. In other words, we have "assets" when we need them. Instead of trying to always maintain a large cumbersome force to try and meet every need for everyone like many traditional law firms, we have developed strategic relationships with other professionals who can be called in on a moments notice to help us handle whatever need may arise. These professionals are often attorneys who may join our team in "of counsel" or contractor roles or they may be attorneys to whom we can outsource the work when it will be more efficient for our clients if we do so, though we still manage and control the projects.

There are other times, however, when we believe it is in our clients best interests to having other lawyers or law firms provide the services they need, whether it is because of the expertise required of the subject matter or because of location and jurisdictional requirements. Because our clients’ needs are the paramount concern for us, in those situations, we not only advise our clients that they would be better served by someone else, but we also go to great lengths to help them find exactly who they need to handle the job. We have found that our clients really appreciate this candor, however, many of them want to continue working directly with us and have us work directly with the other lawyers. This is one of those situations where we put on our "general counsel hat" and work for our clients in much the same role as that of an in-house general counsel of a business.

In addition to our relationships with other attorneys, we have similar relationships with paralegals and administrative support people who are available in both a traditional and virtual role when we need them.

Combining the talents of our own professionals with those of the professionals with whom we have these relationships creates a synergy within that team that is capable of delivering results that could not otherwise be attainable by a traditional firm. This synergy not only helps improve our service, advice, and results, but it also does so more efficiently. By keeping our main force lean, agile, and efficient we are able to provide our clients with the absolute highest quality service and advice available anywhere but do so in a very efficient price. Through our synergistic relationships with other professionals, both traditionally and virtually, we are able to greatly expand the strength and expertise of our firm — when necessary — in a way that ensures our clients always have the very best legal representation available anywhere.