Our founding partners, Michael S. Britton and Shawn E. Tuma, have nearly 50 years of experience between them but they do not allow that experience to be a hindrance in today’s ever-changing business environment. Despite their significant experience, they are never content with just doing things the way they have always been done. Instead, they are committed to adapting to the ever-changing business environment and making sure we as firm are evolving with you.

When we began conceptualizing BrittonTuma, we threw out all of the preconceived ideas on how to design, organize, and manage a law firm and started from a blank slate. We then solicited input and advice from several business owners—not lawyers—about what they would do if they could design their “ideal law firm.” And we listened. In following their advice, we purposefully designed BrittonTuma to be very lean, agile, and efficient. In doing this, we understood that there would be times when the appropriate strategy would require something different and we planned ahead to handle those situations. Because of this understanding of the inherent limitations of our firm’s structure, we developed a strategy based on the new model being used by the United States military where we rely on strategic relationships with other professionals during these situations.

Because of this, we are much more than just the sum of our two founding partners. What we bring to the table includes the synergy created by combining their abilities with the strategic professional relationships that produces a team capable of delivering results that could not otherwise be attainable by a traditional firm with our footprint. This design works well and has allowed us to deliver outstanding service and results to clients ranging from large publically traded companies, privately held companies, mid-size companies, family businesses and start ups. We can help you too.

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