Social Media Law


Social Media Law is one of the most exciting practice areas for our firm because, like with Digital Business Risk, we are not just watching this emerging area of law develop, but we are having an opportunity to play a key role in its development. And if you can’t tell from looking at our website, we love social media. We are Fans | Connections | Circled | Followers just like you!

This is one of the fastest changing body of law anywhere and, despite what some may say, this is a very complex body of law because it encompasses so many different “traditional” subjects such as Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property, Labor and Employment, Business Torts, Corporate Compliance, Corporate Transactions, Privacy and Litigation. But, it does not necessarily follow the rules from those subjects, it only borrows bits and pieces from them and discards others as it develops. Fortunately, we are well versed in those “old” areas of law and understand their principles so that we know how to work with them as they are evolving into this “new” body of law.

This area of law is also one of the “hot” areas of law at the moment and there are many people willing to tell you what they know about it. But, what is more important is if they can tell you what they do not really know to a reasonable certainty. The rules are far from being settled and that is why it is so important for attorneys who advise clients on these issues to first ensure that they too are well informed on where the state of the law was yesterday, is today, and is likely headed tomorrow. This cannot be done without being committed to continuously learning. What we knew at the time we wrote this webpage may not be true now, while you are reading it. Things really are moving that fast.

We are not only committed to learning, but we are continuously teaching as well. We are a recognized thought leader in many areas of this evolving body of cyber law. We regularly research and write about these issues through the nationally syndicated Computer | Data Privacy | Social Media | Law Blog and teach about these issues to wide-ranging groups at various levels from social media professionals, to IT personnel, as well as other lawyers.

We are well prepared and ready to help you understand the issues involved with using social media and show you how to make sure it is an asset and not a distraction or, worse yet, a liability. We can help you with preparing social media strategy, social media policies, and ensuring social media compliance when required. Then, if issues have developed that result in social media litigation, we can help you with that also – just let us know!