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Litigation - not chance

Litigation. It is an unfortunate fact of business life but, litigation is very much a part of business. It has been said of litigation that the only people who really come out of it making money are the lawyers. Generally speaking, we believe that many times that is correct and we understand the sentiment behind it. This is not because of anything improper about the process. Rather, it is stating a truism about business. The purpose of a business is to focus its energies on its business activities because that is what makes it money—not litigation—for which it was not designed.

We believe it is our job to keep you out of those kinds of situations, when possible. When it is not possible, it is our job to get you out of them as quickly as we can. That is your ultimate objective. That is our ultimate objective.

Litigation is essentially business warfare and, as with every other form of warfare, it is unpredictable. Because of its unpredictable nature, it can become very complex very quickly and, when that happens, it can become very stressful, time consuming, and expensive. While there is no way to keep this from happening, the likelihood can be minimized and, in those cases when it does, the harm can limited. The best way to do either of these things is to begin with clearly defined objectives and stay focused on those objectives while in the midst of the chaos. In our experience we have learned that the most important things we can do to achieve this is to listen, think, and plan.

Successful litigation requires thought, strategy, and execution. It is not a game of chance.

History has taught us that it is unwise for nations to engage in war without having clearly defined objectives and a well thought out strategy. The same is true for litigation. Each case is different and has its own unique objectives and requires a unique strategy that is designed around the law, the facts of the case, the relative strengths and weaknesses of the parties, their business and legal objectives, certain timing objectives, and many other intangibles.

We believe very strongly in using our collaborative principles to work with you to make sure we understand your ultimate business objectives and that everything we do is directed toward achieving your business objectives. The only way we can have this understanding is by listening to and working with you and your team to understand your business, ongoing business activities, and future business plans. More importantly, we have to have a full and complete understanding of the exact nature of your business and legal problems causing the dispute and all of the facts surrounding those problems.

Then, we spend time thinking about your business and legal issues, thinking about your business objectives, and thinking about the other factors mentioned above that will go towards developing the right strategy for handling your case. Then we work with you to develop a unique strategy that takes all of these factors into consideration and is designed to achieve your objectives in the most expeditious and efficient manner possible. The strategy is put into a plan and this then becomes our roadmap to follow.

That is just the beginning, however. A good strategy and a good plan are very valuable but the effective execution of that plan is the key to success. We understand that the most effective way to ensure that a plan gets executed effectively is to use a project management approach to developing the plan, executing the plan, and monitoring and tracking the execution of the plan. This ensures we stay focused with laser-like precision on executing that strategy and doing so in a timely and efficient cost-effective manner. The product of this is that we are all better able to stay focused on your objectives and have a much better chance of achieving them.

As we said at the beginning, we do our very best to help you avoid litigation but make no mistake about it, if we can not avoid it, we are ready for the battle because that is where we thrive. We also know that when we have done our best to avoid litigation, but can’t, the resolve of everyone on our team will be much stronger. We have seasoned attorneys and we love being in the courtroom. We would be honored to be your attorneys fighting for your interests. Over our career we have handled a multitude of different business litigation cases and have found that they tend to fall within the following general practice areas listed below. If you find your business in a situation where there could be, or is a dispute, please give us a call and we will be happy to help you.

  Business Litigation   Complex Commercial Litigation
  Fraud   Computer Fraud
  Computer Fraud & Abuse Act   Data Breach | Data Security
  Social Media Law   Privacy
  Intellectual Property Litigation   Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
  Trademark Litigation   Patent Litigation
  Copyright Litigation   Unfair Competition
  Fiduciary Litigation   Construction Litigation
  Labor & Employment Litigation   Employee Dishonesty
  Business Torts   Tortious Interference
  Business Disparagement   Breach of Contract
  Information & Technology Litigation   White Collar Defense
  Alternative Dispute Resolution   Professional Liability
  eDiscovery   Insurance Litigation