Intellectual Property

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Technology and innovation go to the very heart of why we have intellectual property laws. These are the things that give your business a competitive advantage and as the business environment continues to evolve the importance of protecting these rights continues to increase. Intellectual property rights are vital to many businesses and, in some cases, are the business. We understand the importance of properly protecting your intellectual property rights from the beginning and vigorously defending them when they are being threatened.

Our attorneys are experienced at handling a wide variety of intellectual property issues to help your business protect and enforce its valuable intellectual property rights. We have experience in investigating, preparing, prosecuting and defending the following general kinds of intellectual property issues:

  Intellectual Property Litigation Copyright | Copyright Litigation
  Trademark | Service Mark | Infringement Trade Secrets Protection
  Trade Name | Trade Dress | Infringement Trade Secrets Misappropriation
  Domain | Cyber | Social Media Squatting Patent Litigation
  Licensing Agreements Confidentiality Agreements
  Non-Disclosure Agreements Unfair Competition
  Non-Competition Agreements Computer Fraud | Computer Crimes
  Terms of Service | Terms of Use Computer Software Theft
  Theft of Online Services