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Today’s business environment is driven by digital technology that is evolving so quickly that businesses face risks from things that their leaders do not even know exist. That is just the risks they face today. Tomorrow’s risks boggle the imagination.

We are here to help. We do this by analyzing the interface between your business, your technology, and the law. We then advise you on the better way to proceed so that your business can advance from the benefits of the technology and not be overwhelmed by its potential risks.

Digital technology is at the core of our firm’s DNA. This is not only our work but it is also our passion. Because one of the pillars around which our firm was designed is the use of advanced digital technology, it is vital that we stay abreast of its advances both for our own business as well as for advising you for your business. We do.

We have advised clients on these issues for years and, if there is one thing we have learned for sure, it is that the evolution of the law governing these issues is keeping pace with the evolution of the technology. This area of law is certainly one of the “hot” areas of law at the moment and there are many people willing to tell you what they know about it. But, what is more important is if they can tell you what they do not really know to a reasonable certainty. The rules are far from being settled and that is why it is so important for attorneys who advise clients on these issues to first ensure that they too are well informed on where the state of the law was yesterday, is today, and is likely headed tomorrow. This cannot be done without being committed to continuously learning. What we knew at the time we wrote this webpage may not be true now, while you are reading it. Things really are moving that fast.

We are not only committed to learning, but we are continuously teaching as well. We are a recognized thought leader in many areas of this evolving body of cyber law. We regularly research and write about these issues through the nationally syndicated Computer | Data Privacy | Social Media | Law Blog, we inform our clients about recent developments through our infolerts, and teach about these issues to wide-ranging groups at various levels from social media professionals, to IT personnel, as well as other lawyers. And if you want to have an idea of what we are reading on a daily basis, check out our Interesting Information which is a small sampling of the information we read on a daily basis that we chose to share.

The following sub-sets of cyber law are a few examples of areas of law in which we can help you assess your digital business risk and advise you on how to best mitigate those risks:

Computer Fraud | Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Technology Litigation
Data Breach, Response & Notification Cloud Computing
Digital Due Diligence Insurance Coverage for Technology Claims
Digital Privacy HIPAA / HITECH Omnibus Rule Compliance

Our focus is not limited to the risk side of digital technology, but also on helping you get your technology business deals done. We provide comprehensive legal services to technology-driven businesses at every level from clients whose businesses are technology and software services and products, to those whose businesses are built around and dependent upon technology and software platforms, and those who provide consulting services to them. We also share our innovative ideas with our clients and try to help them find ways to enhance or evolve their existing businesses and have found this to be an added service that our clients really appreciate.

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