State of the Art Technology

technology tunnelImagine a law firm that is a hybrid with all of the state of the art technological efficiencies and advantages of the most sophisticated virtual law firms, yet with the added advantages of not being virtual. That is BrittonTuma. We are committed to providing you with excellent service and results in an efficient and expeditious manner. That is why we believe it is well worth it to invest in having the best technology available to help us serve you better.

Our Technology Benefits You

The simple truth is, as a client, you really only pay us for two things: our advice and our time. So it only stands to reason that, the faster and more efficiently we can do things, the less time we will spend and that will result in cost savings for you. And it’s not only eliminating the cost of wasted time that benefits you. It is also our ability to get our work done faster and more accurately and, perhaps most important of all, our ability to be more responsive to you when you need us. These are the tools of our trade.

Access Anywhere

We are techno-nerds at heart and the technology we work with is a part of our life. Our clients have the ability to reach us virtually anywhere, anytime, and for any reason when they need us, whether by our mobile phones, email, text message, social media, or even our secure client portal. And we respond!

Virtual Law Firm Technology

Moreover, we take advantage of the same technology that “virtual law firms” use to work from anywhere so that we have the ability to respond to your needs from wherever we are because we have the ability to access our entire system from anywhere at anytime that we need it to help you. We use top of the line laptop computers running the most advanced software, iPads, and iPhones that are all capable of accessing our “computer desktop” on our cloud based system from anywhere. This virtual technology is also what enables us to so easily come to you are and work from your business with all of the access, information, and efficiencies as though we were working from our own offices.

“MyCase” State of the Art Client Access System Enables Secure Collaboration

A key pillar upon which our firm is built is our obsession with providing you, our clients, with the absolute best service possible. In order to do this, we know that giving you access to information in a timely manner and in a way that is convenient for you is of paramount importance. Because of our commitment to you in this regard, we utilize the most cutting-edge practice management / client access system that is available on the market.

MyCase is a system that combines unique “bank grade secure” communications tools in a easy to use social media styled interface that gives you real time access to all matters regarding your case. We use this system to collaborate in real time on activities that are entered on your case such as calendaring of events and deadlines, tasks, and document drafts and revisions. It also provides you with electronic access to your invoices and billing records when you want them simply by logging into the system and make online payments. You can see how easy it is from the dashboard below: