two or more people working together in pursuit of a shared, collective, common goal



We at BrittonTuma believe in collaboration on many levels. Unfortunately the legal profession is plagued with arrogance and narcissism and all too often these kinds of attitudes cause lawyers to not take advantage of the benefits of collaborating with others to achieve a better outcome for their clients. Not us. During our careers we have seen how, on far too many occasions, these attitudes can work to the detriment of clients, not to their benefit.

We believe that the best way to understand situations, gain knowledge, and solve problems is by working together. And as lawyers, that is what we do—or at least should be doing—right? Collaboration really shouldn’t be something innovative but, unfortunately, it is for the legal profession.


“great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people”  –Steve Jobs  




We start by using a collaborative approach with our clients where the most important thing we can do is listen and learn. The most important part of any client relationship we have is to make sure that we understand your ultimate business objectives and that everything we do is directed toward achieving your business objectives. The only way we can have this understanding is by listening to and working with you and your team to understand your business, ongoing business activities, and future business plans. More importantly, we have to have a full and complete understanding of the exact nature of your business and legal problems and all of the facts surrounding those problems. Obviously, this can’t happen if we would rather listen to ourselves talk than listen to you—we chose you!

We can not do our jobs if we do not understand your business and your objectives. This is so important because every client and every situation is unique and there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to business and legal problems. So after we have this understanding, then we think. We think and we encourage you to think about what is the best way to achieve those objectives without causing more harm to your business than good. After thinking, we then work with you to develop a unique strategy that takes all of those things into consideration. We then use project management principles to develop an execution plan that ensures we stay focused with laser-like precision on executing that strategy and doing so in a timely and efficient cost-effective manner. The product of this is that we are all better able to stay focused on your objectives. But we can’t do this alone. It just wouldn’t work. The only way to do it is by collaborating with you.

But collaboration doesn’t stop with you, our client. When there is an opportunity to collaborate with the other parties and their attorneys, without losing any strategic advantage by doing so, we believe in at least giving it a chance. Even in litigation.

It has been said of litigation that the only people who really come out of it making money are the lawyers. Generally speaking, we believe that most of the time that is correct. This is not because of anything improper about the process; rather, is stating a truism about business: the purpose of a business is to focus its energies on its business activities because that is what makes it money, not litigation, for which it was not designed and only serves to keep it distracted from pursuing its business objectives which, in turn, keeps it from making money as it was designed to do. We believe it is our job to keep you out of those kinds of situations, when possible, and when not possible, to get you out of them as quickly as we can. If working with the other side gives us a better opportunity to do this, we are all for it.