Alternative Fee Arrangements

alternative fees

We understand that delivering outstanding service and excellent results is of little value to our clients if we can’t do so in a way that makes our services economically feasible to them.  Different clients have different needs and, because of that, we knew that one of the most innovative things we could do is to offer a wide variety of alternative fee arrangements for our services.

Some of the fee arrangements that we customarily explore with clients include fixed fees (whether by the engagement or for certain phases of the engagement), fixed fees with bonuses, monthly retainers, capped fees, value-billing with bonuses, contingency fees, blended hourly rates, and traditional billable hour basis.

While the arrangements listed above are what we generally find cover most of our clients’ individual needs, of course, given our innovative mindset, if we need to come up with something new, we are happy to do that as well. We will always work with you to try and find the best arrangement to meet your needs.