About BrittonTuma

We are a full service boutique business law firm designed to provide you with a full range of transactional, litigation, technology, and general counseling services. Our founding partners, Michael S. Britton and Shawn E. Tuma, have nearly 50 years of experience between them. Despite their significant experience, they are never content with just doing things the way they have always been done. Instead, they are committed to adapting to the ever-changing business environment and making sure we are evolving with you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver outstanding service and results to you in the most efficient and expeditious way possible. Simply put, we want all of our clients to be Raving Fans!

How We Do It

Innovation in how we think and what we do is the key. First, by collaborating with you we gain a complete understanding of your situation and objectives. Then we think. We think about the objectives before we start working and focus on developing a unique strategy designed to achieve those objectives. Then we focus on executing the strategy with precision. This keeps us focused on the objectives and minimizes wasted effort which helps us achieve your objectives more efficiently and expeditiously.

What our clients say

"We felt we got excellent representation from BrittonTuma in our lawsuit. They gave us a fair appraisal of the suit at the beginning of the engagement, kept us well informed during the 16 month proceedings, and at the same time, were mindful of legal fees. AND we were successful!" B.P., Plano, TX




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